Switzerland´s last minute goal. Suiza gol de ultimo minuto

¨A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.¨

Roy H. Williams

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Charles Wredford Brown who was an Oxford student is attributed to invent the nickname ¨soccer¨. As a result of the British setting of rules and regulations for soccer game in 1863, it gradually became popular among their country and other European countries. Britain as a world power internationalized soccer and set the principles to play it, but ironically they have just won the world cup once.

Later it spread out throughout the world under the lower class name of “Football”, rather than “Soccer” as the “gentlemen” called it. Since football inception this game was not made for the creators, the strongest, or the rich, but for the ones who possess these three elements passion, intelligence and technique. No matter which one comes first, but you need these three elements.

It seems that this sport catch the attention of the masses and deviate the attention of reality. For example on the recent weekend match Ecuador vs Switzerland, before and during the match nationalism and optimism could be felt on every corner of our nation. But after the result 2-1 everyone was blue and down. Insults and mocks against our players and coach were published on social networks after the game by hurt fans.

The message to our dear team must be of support rather than polemic and hostility. Unfortunately most of Fans are driven by emotions rather than understanding.

In Ecuador, soccer is our only happiness, and a soccer ball spins around in most of Ecuadorian´s lives. In countries like ours we don´t have as many technological advancements and other scientific achievements as other countries have. For this reason we put all our expectations on this sport.

Captain Antonio Valencia, please remember Chucho Benitez scored all those goals on the way to the World Cup to be in Brazil where you are. For him let’s win the two next games. You can do it. Next time if someone missed a goal, continue fighting for the ball. You think Michael Arroyo will be reliving this moment for a little while?

God bless you guys.


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