In the following post I will introduce the 8 steps which will make you a better reader. 

The steps listed below are part of a reading technique called ¨Thinking aloud¨. As a matter of fact it is not only helpful to improve reading skills, but vocabulary engagement, and grammar reinforcement.

Moreover the thinking aloud technique used as a group forum or a class discussion, will definately enrich students in both speaking and listening comprenhension skills.

Writing and taking notes can be a powerful tool furthermore when practicing each step of the Thinking aloud.

I am going to model the activity with this article of the New York Times newspaper.




Here we have the 8 steps which I am going to model the Thinking aloud.


I predict this topic is about a natural disaster…
I know that natural disaters can be dangerous and mortal. For example I know that tornadoes kill a lot of people in the US. I want to know how often tornadoes hit different areas, and which places tornadoes are more likely to occur in.
I picture several families losing their homes and I see some people screaming and trying to look for their relatives.

In step four students start reading the article. First they search for new vocabulary and they have to elicit the meaning by context. Second they share the new vocabulary with their partnerts and tell what they think the expressions or the new vocabulary mean.  After they finish they need to read again and this time they will find the part of the article they most like and what they dislike.

My favorite part is when neighbors and other people were helping Ms. Trease to fix her roof. Despite Ms. Trease did not ask anyone for help, a lot of people volunteered and showed solidarity.
I got confused when Ms. Naylor said that 20 or 22 people were packed like sardines in a cellar. This is the first time I have read this word and I wonder what is a cellar like? and what does the expression ¨packed like sardines¨ mean?
I think this is mainly about information about the tornadoe which hit central and southern part of the United States, and they are telling what just happened yesterday night at 7pm when the tornadoe hit their houses. Several deaths have been reported and the authorities are participating actively and the communities are helping eachother and being solidary to them. Even the president of The United States is concerned…..
I realized that men can´t do anything against nature. The only thing we can do is to be ready for disasters, I think I´ll read more book about first aid and things like that so I can be prepared for disasters like these.
This reminds me of hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. This article is like the one posted in Miami Heralds….



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