Picture the story

Picture the story

Luis´children 7 class

This activity is lots of fun specially for children and preteens. The students put the picture of a story on the wall in the order they want and the students need to tell you what they think the story is about.
After that, You help them to organize the story. when the pictures of the story are organized, you ask them what they see in the pictures.

Students say, dog, cat, tree, river, etc… and they look and the picture, and they realize that they dont know some things for example seashore, grass, grasshopper etc.. and they will learn new vocabulary by looking at the story.

After they are familiar with most of the vocabulary in the story.
The teacher says. ¨Color the dog with brown¨, and students do it.

The teacher says. ¨Color the cat with black¨, and students do it.

the teacher says. ¨Color the seashore with blue¨ and students do so.

and continue.

In the end, the students read the story and have fun. they can even make a roleplay.


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